T Rex Arms are proud to introduce a new class to our line up!
Have you ever wanted to shoot USPSA/IPSC/IDPA, Bowling Pins or GSS?

Have you ever wondered how to get involved, what’s required and exactly where to start?

Well, look no further than our Practical Shooting 101 class.

This brilliant class is taught by guest instructor Roy Neal, an SV Factory Sponsored USPSA 4 Division Master Class Competitor.

You will be taught the following topics:

Firearms and Gear – What’s required and desired.
Range commands – What do they mean for each discipline, when and how they apply.
Practical shooting specific safety rules – Indoor/outdoor considerations such as 90 degree, 180 degree and vertical 90 degree rules.
Targets – What to expect and where to aim. Explanation of points for each discipline and why/how they translate into defensive shooting.
Holstered start, table start, low ready start, seated starts – How to perform these safely and efficiently.
Facing up range/downrange – How to turn safely and draw to engage targets.
How to effectively deal with walls, corners and ports.
How to move safely and efficiently from one shooting area to another.
Reloading – When they are allowed and the best ways to perform them.
Shooting timers and how to use them.
Plus many more!…………………………………………….

What you will require for the class:

Pistol – Calibers 9mm to 45acp – Ideally with 10 or more capacity.
3 magazines.
Strong side OWB holster – No IWB, cross draw, appendix or small of back etc.
1 or more magazine pouch.
Sturdy belt – Ideally made for shooting to support holster and magazine pouches.
Eye/Ear Protection.
200 rounds of ammo.

This class lasts 4 hours and costs $150 per student with a maximum of 10 students per class!

Don’t delay, come down to T-Rex Arms and sign up today!

T-Rex Arms are proud to be hosting Ipsc66, a USPSA group from Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Club.
Every second Sunday of the month, the range will be unavailable until approximately 12:30pm. Our store will still be open normal hours, 11am – 7pm.
If you are new to competition shooting, or just curious, you are invited to come to T-Rex Arms and meet the team from 08:00am onward.
Ipsc66 will be hosting these events the second Sunday of each month until April 2019.
If you would like to become part of the United States Practical Shooting Association or would like join the Ipsc66 group then please check out the links below.

We offer 3 types of membership options:
12 Month Range Plus Membership
12 Month Range Only Membership
6 Month Range Only Membership
Each new membership option will provide complimentary range time 7 days a week, all day every day.
Any current members will still have all benefits honored until expiry and will now be upgraded to 7 days a week, all day every day.
Our original weekday/weekend range fee pricing structure has now change to one set price.
Our weekday range fees are now our permanent 7 days a week price.

Firearm transfers are now only $25 per firearm – This is now our permanent price!

T-Rex Arms would like to give a warm welcome to our visitors, new or old, novice or expert! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you with all of your firearm and training needs.

T-Rex Arms, LLC is Belleville’s newest, state-of-the-industry indoor shooting range, firearms retail, and firearms training facility.  We offer a fully climate controlled 50-yard, eight-lane indoor shooting range with an unmatched ventilation and lead filtration system, keeping you and your family safe and comfortable. Our range accepts rifle calibers up to .300 Win-Mag, pistol calibers up to .44 Magnum, and shotgun gauges buckshot and slug.

 Gift Cards are available in any amount you wish! Our Gift Cards never expire and can be used for range time and purchases!

We are a full-service firearms retailer, specializing in sport shooting and personal defense. We carry a wide selection of firearms and accessories from all of the top manufacturers.

Our staff provide a variety of firearms training, ranging from the very basics for new shooters to advanced tactical techniques for the more experienced.

Please visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/trexarmsllc

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