50 Yard Range

50 Yard Lanes.

Our state of the industry 50 yard Indoor Range provides a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for you and your family to enjoy!  Our facility is brightly lit and illuminated downrange and each shooting stall has its own light source for excellent target visibility.

50 Yard Lane view from Stall.

Our climate controlled Range Area is designed for shooter comfort and safety.  Our state of the industry air handling and filtration system moves 6000 cubic feet of air per minute ensuring a clean environment that is clear of fumes and particles.

Our 50 yard Indoor Range can accept Rifle Calibers up to .300 Win-Mag, Handgun Calibers up to .44 Magnum, and all Shotgun Gauges (Buckshot and Slugs only).

Please check out what some of our patrons have had to say!

I was up there before they opened. Got a tour from one of the owners and got to meet the other 3.
I love the place. Been shooting there since day one and try to go once a week.
Everyone is so nice and helpful.
I highly recommend this range

T-Rex Arms, LLC is the best, cleanest indoor range I’ve ever had the pleasure to shoot in. Amazing, veteran owned facility with the best, most helpful staff I’ve ever encountered at a range. I’ll be frequenting as often as possible – highly recommend! Thanks guys!

We highly recommend this gun range it’s very nice!
The guys there are super friendly! They are reasonably priced and offer a lot of cool guns and classes! Super happy there’s a gun range close to ware we live!
This gun range is awesome!

2 weeks ago
What do you look for in a range? Safe, clean and convenient. The range is organized, well maintained and run by knowledgeable veterans who are focused on making sure safety comes first. It is a place where an experience shooter can practice and a beginner can learn.
3 months ago
The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful, I haven’t spent much time around guns and they gave me a brief safety lesson and taught me how to use a pistol before entering the range. I recommend checking this place out. There are a lot of experienced shooters who seem to frequent here, and it has a great atmosphere overall.

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