Introduction to AR Rifles

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This course provides an introduction to the AR-15 and the rifles basic functions and operation.   Students that have never handled or fired an AR-15 rifle and those that wish to increase their knowledge of the AR-15 rifle will find this course extremely valuable.  This two-three hour course of study will cover;

  • Proper handling, safety and storage
  • Rifle operation and functions
  • Proper disassembly, cleaning and reassembly
  • Proper sighting in and zeroing techniques

Our NRA/USCCA accredited Instructors have years of real world Military and Law Enforcement experience with the AR-15 platform. This course of instruction will provide a solid foundation to advance to more intense and tactical courses of AR-15 operation.

Students are required to bring their own AR-15 to take the course.

The Carbine Familiarization course fee of $100.00 includes course materials and range time.

Please contact us at 734-325-7898 to secure your place in class.