Great Lakes Custom Works

We have a partnership with the awesome people from Great Lakes Custom Works. We sent them two of our Nomad Defense Nomad-9’s to play with. We got them back this week and they look awesome! Both of these frames are available in shop for you to come check out and handle.

This frame was given a grip texture. There are 4 different options on grip texture: mild, medium, aggressive, and carry hybrid. This frame has an aggressive grip texture.

This frame was given an FDE cerakote and added backstraps and magwell.

GLGW provides excellent service and you can start the process right here at T-Rex. Just come in with your firearm, help us select the options you’d like, pay for the services and shipping, and we will handle the rest. We ship your firearm to them, they work their magic and ship it back to us.

GLCW Services

  • Stippled Grips
  • Grip Reductions
  • Undercuts
  • Cerakote
  • Laser Engraving
  • Slide Milling by ATEi

This Glock 19 was done by GLCW. This Glock features Michigan Package (stippled grip medium texture, stippled forward indexing points, trigger guard undercut with forward reference notch, and removed finger grooves), including forward indexing ledges and backstrap meld with two tone cerakote. Slide milling was done for an RMR.

This Smith & Wesson revolver features a 360 stippled grip with medium texture.