Defensive Pistol I, II & III

The next step in Firearms Skills and Awareness.  Our Defensive Handgun Course builds upon the basics learned in our Concealed Pistol course and expands your Handgun capabilities.

Our NRA/USCCA accredited Instructors will provide you the information and the skills that are required to advance through 3 separate courses:

  • Part I – Drawing from Holster
  • Part 2 – Shooting from Alternate Positions
  • Part 3 – Shooting and Moving


You will be taught:

  • Concealed holster selection and use
  • Proper draw techniques
  • Target acquisition and engagement
  • Building Accuracy Under Stress
  • Proper firearm drills to build muscle memory and confidence
  • Shooting from standing, kneeling, prone and behind barriers
  • Shooting whilst moving

Each course is a mix of both classroom and range time, under supervision from our instructors.

The fees for each course are as follows:

  • Part 1 – $80
  • Part 2 – $100
  • Part 3 – $125

You must complete each course before you can advance to the next.

Please contact us at 734-325-7898 for more information or to sign up for the classes.