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Classroom Rentals and Outside Instructors

Yes, however, outside instructors must contact the General Manager at least a week ahead of time to ensure the proper information is provided. This includes instructors who have used our range in the past.

Yes. Our classrooms are available for rent. If you are interested in renting one of our classrooms, please reach out to us.

Firearm Storage

Yes, we do. We offer safe firearm storage for firearms at $25 per month with $5 per additional firearm.

Firearm Transfers and Purchases

Yes, we can. It will be $35 for the transfer. For the complete process, please contact the store.

Yes, we can. It will be $25 for the transfer, and you’ll need to pay shipping charges. Firearms need to be sent by two-day shipping.

We offer a refund for products within 7 days with receipt and the item in original packaging. Refund is subject to 30% restocking fee. We do not offer refunds on ammunition, optics, or firearms.

Thank you for purchasing off our website! There is no transfer fee for purchases made off our website.

Our online store is shopping directly from what our distributors have in stock. Once you place your order our distributor will ship the firearm to us. This process can take a week or longer depending on availability and shipping time.

Yes, we do! We have brought back our layaway program. Contact the store for more information.

The firearms and accessories on our website are not what we have currently in store. These items are available directly from our distributors and must be shipped to the shop from them. When your order arrives, we will call you for pick up.

No. You must be 21 to purchase a lower receiver because it can be built into a pistol. The NICS background check system will not allow a background check for someone under 21 to purchase a lower receiver.

We will call you when your firearm transfer is ready for pick up and set up an appointment with you.

If you are denied via the NICS background check, it is your responsibility to return the firearm to the seller. You will be responsible for the return fees, such as shipping, and will be charged for the $25 transfer fee.

No problem. We do offer storage for firearms. In most cases, firearm transfers should be picked up within a month of their arrival. If, for any reason, you are unavailable, you can have the firearm stored at our facility for a $25 per month storage fee.


No, we don’t offer those services currently.

Yes, we do. We can assist with changing parts on your rifle or assessing malfunctions. If you’re missing pieces or need sights installed, we can take care of that for you. We can sight scopes and red dots too!


You’re free to pick up your own brass but you may not pass the firing line nor remove brass from our containers.

Yes, as long as you have taken a Draw From Holster class with us. After completing the class, you will be given a card to present to range staff. Sign up for out next available class!

No. There must be two adults to rent a firearm.

Yes, you can! Please reach out to us to schedule your event.

No. Our range is first come, first served.

Yes, you can use reloads on the range in your own firearms. Reloads will be checked to ensure no steel cores are used. You may not use any ammunition you brought with you for our rental firearms; you must use ammunition bought from our range. We also sell ammunition for use with your own firearms.

Yes, we have discount days. Mondays are Veterans Day. We extend that to First Responders as well. Wednesdays are Ladies’ Day. Thursdays are Senior Day. The discounts provided each day are 50% off range time and 50% off firearm rentals.

We sure do! Check out what we offer then come into the store to sign up!

Yes, all firearms need to be in a case, box, bag, or holster. If you bring your long gun in without a case or box of some sort you will must purchase a bag on the spot or you will be asked to leave.

Handgun rentals are $20 per rental. Long gun rentals are $30 per rental. Our Suppressed rifle is $45 for the rental.

Customers must be 21 years old to rent firearms.

Your child must be 12 years old or older to use the range. We do allow younger children on the range as long as they’ve completed a youth safety course with us or they have completed a Hunter Safety course with a valid certificate.

You may still use our range if you have no firearm experience. We will give you a quick safety brief before sending you on the range. If you would like more information or training, we do offer beginner classes to help you be more proficient.

Place the firearm on safety(if possible), ensure that it is pointed down range, leave the firearm in the stall, and come get a range employee. Do not bring the firearm out of the range to staff, it is unsafe.

We are open 10am-7pm every day, except Sunday 11am-7pm. The range has a last call of 6pm every day. Please arrive before 6pm to use the range.

A valid photo identification card or passport, and range waivers filled out for each person entering the range. Photos of ID’s are not accepted, we need the physical identification card. The range waiver is located at the front of the store and is handed back to you with your photo ID at the end of your range time. You must bring the waiver with you every time you come to the range. The waiver is good for a year. You can also fill out our waiver online at Range Waiver if you prefer.

We are closed on Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We close on Christmas Eve at 4pm every year.

300 win mag/44 mag are the highest calibers permitted on the range. Ammunition will be checked. Range staff will clip the round to check it if sticks to the magnet to verify there is not steel core. No black powder and no muzzle loaders. No steel core, tracers, buck or bird shot, dragons breath, or incendiary.

Unsafe behavior on the range and the unsafe handling of firearms are unacceptable behaviors at our range. We will give you one warning, if actions continue you will be asked to leave and will be banned from EVER shooting in our facility. Aggressive behavior toward staff, which would include foul language, harassment, or not clearing your firearm will not be tolerated. Always hand a firearm to staff members pointing down to the floor, finger off the trigger.

You will not be permitted to use our range if we smell Marijuana or alcohol on you. We are a Federal Licensed Facility, and the federal government still considers marijuana illegal as a controlled substance. You cannot use firearms when you are under any influence of drugs or alcohol. There are no exceptions to this policy.

T-Rex Classes

We will provide refunds on classes with proper notice of you not being able to make a class. We do not offer refunds for no shows to classes.

We understand life happens. We allow three class reschedules if proper notice was given.

Yes, we do! If you have a group of 12 people interested in a private class, please reach out to us.

CPL classes are 8-hour classes. We do offer a two-day split class once every six months. We understand that 8 hours is a long time.

We have a variety of classes. We hold CPL classes about three times a month and Intro to Pistol Classes once a month. We also offer Draw from Holster classes (after completing this class you can practice the skills learned on the range), Private Instruction classes, Youth Firearm and Range Safety classes, Firearm Cleaning classes and more. Any questions regarding classes? Email the General Manager at nk.trexarmsllc@gmail.com

We have two instructors: Dale Cooper and Nikki Kobylarz. Both are USCCA Certified Firearm Instructors.